Kids and adults loved it

Brook, you are awesome.  Thanks so much for your hardwork – you are a true artist.  The kids loved it, as well as the adults.  Please feel free to use the event as a reference.  Any of us who were involved in setting it up will happily sing your praises. - Dave the Tiger

Loved Kiwi

Looking for face painter and balloon maker? I’ve used Kiwi before and loved her! - Roxie H.


Hello, I wanted to inquire about availability and rates for my 3 year old daughter’s birthday party. I got your info from Kristin M. We’ve seen you at several of their birthday parties and LOVE your work. Thanks! - Jen L.

Community event success

The event would be from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Are you available that day? I know you were recently at our event in Bee Cave and you were a big hit at the community event! Thank you - Levente S.

Awesome balloons

Hi Brook! I had to change the party date due to it being too late. It’s now Dec 17th @ 4:00-6:30. Same place. I hope you are available for that day. Also, I just met you at M****’s party on Saturday. The balloons were awesome! - Thanks Jessica E.