Halloween party

Hi there! You were at my daughter’s party last year and a Halloween party in the park across the street. You are awesome and everyone raves about you to this day! - Amy B.

Impressed parents and teachers

All the kids had a great time at your visit! Parents and teachers were very impressed! Thank you for doing such a wonderful job!! T**** won’t stop telling people about kiwi. :-) I will definitely recommend your services. - Robin B.

Long time fans since 2008

Hi Kiwi!!! We are long time fans since 2008!! You came to my daughter, F****, school (****) for her 4th birthday. We have another daughter, S****, who is now turning 4 and we would love for you to come back for her party too!!! We know we want face painting!!!! The party will be pretty simple with just playing at the playground, music and bubbles, cupcakes, and hopefully YOU. Let me know what you think!!! Thanks - Sarah S.

You were so awesome!

Hello Brook! You attended 2 of my children’s birthday parties some years back, and you were so awesome! Thanks so much! - Miriam D.

Can’t wait to see you again!

We can’t wait to see you again. Everyone still talks about how talented you are (from A***’s last party). - Stephanie T.