kiwi_kidsFace Painting and Balloon Twisting

Tiger Face Painting

Face Painting for Kids Parties

What I love about face painting children is when they get painted and they really feel like they are a tiger, a princess, a mouse etc. To see their faces as they look in the mirror astonished by their own face. Little girls holding on to that mirror so long that I wish I had a little mirror to send with them. Or little boys who automatically start wiggling their noses and growling. They keep returning to check out their face in the mirror again and again. Who doesn’t like to see their kids happy with cute little painted faces?! It really is the cutest thing.


Hello Kitty Balloon ArtYou can make almost anything out of balloons. Twisting balloons has become something I actually love to do. At first it was just painting but now that I’m experienced I’d say it’s a tie! My favorite thing is when I go to an event and they have never had a fancy balloon. When they see how fast it’s made, how awesome it comes out and I hear the kids and parents commenting on it. Just makes me smile!

Glitter tattoos

I like to say “Glitter makes everything better!” The great thing about glitter tattoos is how long they last, they’re waterproof, and of course the sparkles. You’d be surprised how many boys love these as well with skull, dragon and even sports tattoos. For the really manly child we have glitter that doesn’t even sparkle. This is the most popular in the summer when sweating and water play is certain. It makes jumping in and out of the pool even more fun.


Kid's Bedroom Wall MuralLove to decorate? Children’s bedrooms & play rooms have the awesome ability to be decorated in any way they want. These are the few rooms in the house you can get away with have an Minecraft creeper or Hello Kitty running across the wall. Place their own image in with their favorite characters, a fairy popping in from the window, or monkey swinging from a vine onto the ceiling. Personalize it with their own ideas, names, and shape it around windows or above their bed. Let their imaginations be free and wild or surprise them with a room makeover!