Clown For Birthday Parties and more!

Kiwi the Clown was magically born in a Kiwi garden. Because her hair was the color of a bright green kiwi her mother and father knew just what to call her………SCREEEECH! :)

I love to tell the kids inventive stories about being Kiwi, how I grew my flower nose with glitter dust and dirt because I love smelling flowers and how I’m only 6 yrs old in clown years. I say all these things with a smile as they wonder “could she be for real?” Here’s a little more about the real Kiwi, some tips, and how I can help your event be its best!

Need a clown for parties?

Hi my name is Brook Ann Rogers.  If you are introducing or calling me please refer to me as Kiwi, as it is my nickname. I am an artist who loves kids, turned party person!  That is how I started, but now I also service adult events at least five times a month with:

Along with doing commissioned art for murals, window painting, balloon sculptures and all kinds of odd ball requests! See my facebook fan page for current posts and projects. Art is my passion.

Austin Clown At Your Service

As an Austin based clown, I am available for birthday parties and other events.  Austin, Texas is such a party city, full of crazy events and my family and I love it here! My husband and I have 3 kiddos which keep us entertained. I get told so often “your kids must love this!” Even though I’ve been in business since 2006 it’s still fun to have life size princess balloonspicture boards, and wild things around the house!  I strive to do bigger and better to impress my clients, myself and of course my kids. There’s nothing better than hearing that “Oh my gosh! You’re awesome!” I’m a princess at times aka Princess Kiwi (link to photo of me in princess) and I love that kind of praise!:)


*Get your big things handled first. Pick a date, find a location, estimate the number of guests and book your entertainment. Your theme, if any, can be selected at this point. Order invitations and party supplies needed from online asap.  I like for large variety of discount party supplies. Check for online coupons!

*When your party is scheduled will determine how far in advance you might want to book. Remember I mentioned Austin was a party city!

Fall to Winter Events: The months of October, November, and December are the busiest. Make effort to book at least 3 months in advance for October and November to secure your time. Of course this is no guarantee for your specific party date and last minute requests are welcome.  Fall birthday kids, Fall Fests for churches, schools, company picnics and Halloween events are competing during this time which spreads to the beginning of October and flows over into November.

Summer Events: Morning & evening times book fastest with our scorching hot summers here in Austin. Waterproof glitter tattoos & balloons are quite popular for water play or pool parties.


Through all of the parties and conversations with parents and organizers I have learned what most people want with their bookings. They want to see that their child/guests have fun, are impressed, and to make things as easy and stress-free as possible. What most people book me for repeatedly is that I am very good at both face painting and/or balloons. I come looking cute and as dressed for your theme as I can. I’m fast, friendly, sweet and patient with the children. When it comes to my commissioned art projects I am diligent and creative. I always aim to go above and beyond to get the aww factor!